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Contact the team at Drain Unblocking Rathmines for all your Drain Relining needs in Rathmines


Drain Unblocking Rathmines offers domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Rathmines with professional, quick and long-lasting drain repair services. We specialise in drain relining, which is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of drain repair.

Drain relining, also known as pipe relining, is a modern method of repairing cracked and damaged drains. This method is very effective for repairing clay drains in particular, which can be found in drainage systems throughout Rathmines. Drain lining removes the needs for digging, excavations and new pipes. Our highly expert team will accurately identify the exact location of the damage and cracks, so that we only repair the appropriate areas.


Drain relining uses fibre glass matter and specialised resin to effectively create a new pipe area within the cracked section of the drain. The resin is permeated into the fibre glass that is then wrapped around a balloon type packer system. Once inside the damaged area of pipe, the packer is inflated and held in place for an hour. When the fibre glass has set, the packer is deflated and removed from the pipe, leaving behind a structural lining that will extend the life of your pipe and drainage system.

Our 24 Hour emergency service, means that you can rest assured that our team will be with you quickly for any and all drainage problems and all repairs will be carried out immediately. Drain Unblocking Rathmines is Rathmines’ leading drainage solutions provider with over 20 years of experience in the drain repairs industry.

Drain Unblocking Rathmines

Call Drain Unblocking Rathmines for a 2 Hour Response Time in Rathmines

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